Recovery Tips for Fires in Commercial Spaces

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A commercial fire can be very dangerous as it leaves sticky residues, bad odor, and contaminated air behind it. It might damage your important document and belongings in the process. So, you should hire a professional contractor to clean up the affected area and take proper precautions to restore the damaged items as soon as possible.

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Call Your Insurance Company

The first step you need to take after fire damage is to call your insurance agent. They will play a major role in the restoration process; hence, you need to inform the insurance company immediately.

They will visit your place to assess the extent of fire damage and document the same to claim the insurance so that it can fasten up the restoration process. Often, firefighters damage windows to let the smoke escape from your house. They use water on various parts to combat a fire. In this process, your valuables get damaged.

Hence, you need to call your insurance company so that you can restore the damaged items as soon as possible. The insurance agent authorizes all the processes and helps you file an insurance claim for the restoration of your property.

Document the Damages

The next step would be to document all the damage caused so that you can claim the insurance for the same. This process might be tough for you as it is very stressful to document all your losses. But, this process is very important as you cannot claim insurance for all the losses without documenting them.

You might fail to notice all the damaged items as you are already in stress. Hence, you need to be patient to carry out this process. You can take photographs and videos to document the damage and claim compensation for the same.

Call Your Accountant

After the fire damage, you will be unable to precede your business until everything gets back to normal. So, you should call your accountant to discuss the expenses you are going to handle during the restoration process. Your accountant will help create a proper business plan to make everything normal like before.

Review Your Inventory

You need to get to your inventory after you document all your damaged items. However, property inventory review is a hectic process. So, you need to first check all your losses before signing any insurance documents.

Secure and Remove All Supplies and Equipment

You should secure and remove all your supplies and equipment before resuming your work after fire damage.

Find out How Long It Takes to Reopen

You should consult with your restoration company to estimate the time taken for restoring your damaged property. This will help you reopen your business with proper planning.

Fire Restoration and Repair

A commercial fire breakout might leave damage to your equipment, and soot and smoke particles for a long time. You can also notice damage to the fabrics, documents, and other contents. So, you should not restore the property on your own; instead, you should call a restoration company to restore the damage.

The insurance company will compensate for the restoration costs.


You cannot predict fire damage. Your office can catch fire suddenly and cause severe damage to your business. Hence, we recommend you hire a professional to take certain preventive measures on your property to protect it from sudden fire breakouts.

You should make your space fireproof to ensure that your space remains safe from fire hazards. Use the right cleaning products to ensure you get rid of all the dirt from your space.

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