Key Impacts of Flood Damage

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Water damage can happen due to broken pipes, heavy rainfall, floods, heavy storms, and running taps. This type of damage can cause structural issues in your home that can be irreversible.

Flood damage can further cause structural malfunctions in your home and lead to mold formation in certain places. So, you need to clean up the area properly to prevent mold growth after facing flood damage in your location.

However, you should hire a trusted restoration company to restore the flood damage. They use modern technology and high-end equipment to clean up the affected areas and protect your home from further damage.

If you are looking for a reliable flood damage cleanup in Bay Area, then you should contact Restoration Bay. Now, let us understand the key impacts of flood damage.

Foul Smell and malfunctions in various appliances

You might notice foul smell in your home after facing flood damage in your location. Water gets accumulated in your space to contaminate your belongings such as furniture and clothing to create a foul smell in your space.

The foul smell that is bothering you might have come from the water heater also. The malfunctions in your water heater are the reason why the water is not hot to the extent you want it to be.

Drain clogging

Sometimes, you might notice water rising above in your kitchen or bathroom instead of draining properly. This might happen due to clogged drains that occur after facing flood damage in your location. Sometimes flood brings unwanted clutter and mud with it that gets deposited in your drains to create such an issue.

In this case, you should call a plumbing emergency to fix the issue as soon as possible.

If you ignore such clogging issues then water might overflow the drainage pipes and cause a lot of discomforts to you.

Malfunctions in the Sump Pump 

The homes that have crawl spaces do have a sump pump installed in the basement or crawl space to help facilitate water drainage during heavy rain and flood. So, inspect your sump pump to detect if there are clogging issues to make them work properly.

Your home might be at risk if your sump pump stops working. So, fix the issue by calling a plumbing emergency immediately after you detect such things in your home.

Sewer System Backup

Your sewer system might back up into your home through drains, sinks, toilets, or bathtubs, after flood hits your area, which can cause serious issues in your home. So, you should immediately call the plumbing emergency to fix these types of serious plumbing issues.

Broken Water Line

If you notice lower water pressure in your home after flood, then you should understand that the water line might have broken to cause such issues. You can call the plumbing emergency immediately to fix such issues.

Severe Leakage issues

Sometimes, the plumbing fixtures show frequent and consistent leakage issues in your home after you face flood in your location. As a result, the leaky taps won’t stop; no matter what you do. This might cause pipe burst issues in your home. So, consult with a professional to fix these issues as soon as possible.

Worn-Out Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures often get old and worn out after you face standing water issues due to floods. Hence, they are more susceptible to damage and leaks. If you find out any worn-out fixtures in your home, then you should immediately replace them with new ones so that they won’t cause any further water damage.

So, we recommend you replace the worn-out showerheads, taps, valves, etc. regularly to ensure your home does not suffer due to water damage in the long run.


You cannot stop natural calamities like hail storms, floods, and heavy rains. However, you can protect your house by restoring it after you face floods, storms, and water damage. If you are confused about how to do restoration of your property after a natural disaster, then you should hire a professional in your location.

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