Mejia Giana

I am Giana Mejia and am working as a content creator with home improvement for the past 8 years. I closely coordinate with the rest of the editorial team to enrich the company website with well-researched and quality content.

Bay Area attached ADU

Home Office ADU: The Benefits

In the age of remote work, the concept of a home office has become increasingly important for professionals across a variety of industries. And while many have adapted their existing living spaces to meet their work needs, there’s a growing trend towards building standalone home offices in the form of accessory dwelling units (ADUs). If…

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Montebello remodeling contractors

Planning Whole House Remodeling – Key Steps

At King Home Remodeling, we’re honored to be your go-to source for general contractors in the Montebello and more significant Los Angeles areas. Being a top general contractor in Montebello, we offer services that are the ideal fusion of professionalism, creativity, and effectiveness. We provide a variety of services. We can assist you with everything…

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