Pros and Cons of Asphalt Roofing

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Your home is dear to you and therefore would want to have a cozy atmosphere in the interior. The last thing you would desire is external disturbances to invade your living space. Hence, keeping this aspect in mind one of the foremost measures you can take is to have a good roof covering for your home. There are plenty of companies offering CA roofing services and they are ready to repair or even replace your roof. However, one of the key aspects is to select roofing materials, and since this is your home, you will have to make this decision.

You could perhaps go with the trend and that is to have asphalt roofs for your home. As you take a look around, you would find this type of roofing for most homes. Let us know more about this type of roofing and understand its pros and cons.

What precisely is asphalt roofing?

It is a special type of roofing theme that uses shingles made from a specific material by the name of asphalt. This material is a semi-solid form of petroleum that helps to keep the roof waterproof. There are three variations of asphalt roofs and you can make your choice accordingly.

  • The three-tab is the first variant and it derives its name because it has three different tabs which are cutouts along with the lower edge of the shingle. This is the most popular variant of asphalt shingles.
  • You can also select dimensional shingles and they represent the architectural style.  This style of shingles can give your roof a wood shake-like feeling,
  • Your roof can also have luxury shingles that give the roof an appearance of slate.

Understand the benefits of asphalt shingles for your roofing:

Let us now discuss the pros of having asphalt shingles for your roof. The range of positives is simply too many and here are the details for readers in brief.

  • We would like to start by saying this is an affordable roofing material and this is precisely the reason why it is randomly used by homeowners across this country. This can be a nice option if you are doing work on a budget.
  • Your roof is visible from a distance and hence curb appeal is important. The wonderful thing to note is that these shingles can fit into any style. These shingles are flexible and come in different styles and designs. They can certainly enhance the value of your home.
  • These shingles are light and easy to cut. This aspect makes the installation of these shingles relatively hassle-free. You need very little prep work and negligible special tools
  • These shingles are also easy to replace just in case there are any issues. You can replace one shingle at a time and need not have to replace the entire roof.

The cons of asphalt shingles:

These shingles also have some negatives and you must know the details before the installation. Here are the fine points for anyone interested to know the details.

  • These shingles are vulnerable to wind upliftment and are not ideal for homes that lie in windy areas.
  • Since these shingles are lightweight they are easily prone to cracks,
  • These shingles need to be installed in warmer temperatures.
  • They do not last a lifespan as some of the other roofing materials.


This is a complete guide on asphalt shingles and we have also given insights into its pros & cons. Should I go for it or not? Yes, certainly you can go for it because it can last for about two decades approximately and give you peace of mind.

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