How To Modernizing Your Galley Kitchen?

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Does your home have a galley kitchen? This type of cooking space is defined by a long narrow area with upper and lower cabinets on both sides of the room parallel to each other. This type of cooking zone is also known as the corridor kitchen, and is quite common in homes that were constructed in the 1990s. However, after so many years, the kitchen may look outdated and needs a modern touch. You need to transform outdated areas of the kitchen into ultra-modern spaces and can always seek professional help. You are welcome to scroll through this link in search of a remodeling contractor who can execute your project

However, for a kitchen remodeling project, it is essential that the person entrusted with the job of cooking shares his/her ideas. The project is about making sure you are comfortable conducting cooking operations and hence your vision is extremely important for the remodeling team. Here are some ideas to try out in the quest to modernize and transform the space to reflect your catering lifestyle.

Light-colored wood for flooring:

You can insist on modernizing the flooring because it has had to bear cooking spills and moisture over the years. You can select anything from real hardwood to luxury vinyl planks or laminate flooring, but the key will be to choose lighter shades of wood. The darker laminate theme is trending in kitchens across homes and you can have it installed in your cooking space. You can go for lighter tones and anything from whitewash & lightwood or grey should be appropriate. By using light-colored flooring, you can make your kitchen feel bigger than it is actually.

The soffits are outdated:

The galley kitchen trends were introduced a long time ago, and in that era, the trend was to have soffits above the cabinets. You can plan to remove them, but it will depend on what is inside them. So, if you finally decide to remove them, it should lead to taller cabinets. This will enhance storage in the kitchen and help to de-clutter the cooking space. You can work with your remodeling team and select cabinets that are wider & deeper. The standard cabinet size is 36 inches, but you can install 42 inches sized cabinets.

Have sleek cabinets for your galley kitchen:

The galley kitchens are old and perhaps the cabinets look outdated. You can give your kitchen modern vibes by insisting the remodeling team installs sleek cabinets. You can have white cabinets and they give the space style enhancement and elegance. However, there is also the scope to experiment a bit and try out more unique themes. You can think of having black grays or deep blue cabinets. In terms of style, you can select anything from flat front themes or perhaps even have slab doors that are devoid of panels or framing.

An appliance upgrade:

This is one of the most overlooked features during a kitchen remodeling project, but it is significantly important.  If you have not executed an appliance upgrade for the last decade, there is every chance your kitchen has outdated appliances. These appliances are consuming a lot more energy and it is risky to continue using them.  With a kitchen remodeling team by your side, you can plan an appliance upgrade in your cooking space. They will help you to select sleek &energy-efficient models which should help to curtail your utility bills.

There is plenty you can do to modernize your outdated galley kitchen. You can also insist the remodeling team checks the ventilation systems. Bad ventilation can undo the good work quickly. The remodeling team can do everything to modernize this space and give our outdated galley kitchen a trending look. You should enjoy cooking in this remodeled spot.

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