Building ADUs in Alameda – A Guide

Alameda adu builders

ADU can give you many benefits; especially in providing a separate home for your parents.

If you want to increase the property value and create a recreational place for your family members, you can think about adding an ADU unit to your property.

If you are searching for trusted Alameda ADU builders, then you should contact Collins Remodeling. Now let us understand the ADU regulations for building an ADU in Alameda.

Types of ADUs and their benefits:

ADUs can be of different types depending on where and how you build them.

They can be built on the premises of your house or in the basement or garage area of your house depending on your need and the space available on your property.

So, let us know how many types of ADUs can be built on your property and how they are beneficial for you?

Attached ADU

Attached ADUs can be built as a part of your main residential unit and are attached to your main building.

You can extend a portion of your house by breaking the walls and building an ADU, which is attached to the main building. This unit can be used as a study room or a living room.

You can also use this place as a recreational unit of your house and enjoy quality time there when your friends visit your place.

This can be a study unit where your children can study peacefully without getting disturbed. You can use this place as your office whenever you are required to work from home.

Detached ADU

As the name suggests, a detached ADU is built as a separate house at a certain distance from the main residential unit.

Remember, an ADU can be built at a minimum distance of 4 feet from the main building as per the ADU ordinance.

This unit is completely a separate unit that has a kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom. This place can be used as a separate dwelling unit for your parents, guests, or caretakers.

Garage conversion ADU

Garage conversion ADU is built by converting the garage space into a separate unit.

You can also build an ADU over your garage, which can be a great idea to convert the garage into an ADU. This can be used in many ways.

Basement conversion ADU

With basement conversion ADU, you will need to add only walls, windows, and doors as the structure are already available. So, you can convert your basement into an ADU.

You can build a living room, an office, or a library in this space. Moreover, you can save excavation and construction expenses with this type of ADUs.

You can also add a kitchen, abed room, and bathroom to create a separate dwelling unit in your house.

Alameda ADU Regulations

  • Allowed locations. 

Generally, you can construct an ADU on your property if you residential uses are permitted on it.

Also, there should be an existing or proposed single-family home on your property or an existing multi-family building.

  • Minimum lot size. 

Your property can be any size to be eligible for building an ADU on it.There are no minimum lot size restrictions.

  • Number of ADUs allowed 

If you have a single-family home, you can construct one or two ADUs on it. The number of ADUs allowed on multi-family properties depends on the type of your ADU unit and how many dwelling units are already on the property.

  • Maximum square footage.

The maximum size of your ADU depends on the type of ADU you are planning to build on your property. The maximum size of a detached ADU on your property will be different than the maximum size of an attached ADU on your property.

  • Maximum height. 

The height restrictions allow you to build an ADU that’s at least one-story and 16 feet in height.

  • Minimum setbacks 

Attached and detached ADUs will need to be built at least 4 feet from your property’s side and rear property lines

  • Parking

Generally, conversion ADUs and junior ADUs don’t require any parking lot.

Attached and detached ADUs will require 1 parking space if your property is not exempted from the parking requirements.


ADUs solve space issues in your home as you can use this unit in different ways. However, you need to hire a professional ADU builder to build your ADU to have a hassle-free experience.

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