What is coaching?


Coaching is about what we do with our lives. About supporting and helping others to create and live the life they want. about assisting individuals in realizing their capacity to achieve their goals and enabling them to act on those realizations.

Coaching is a craft that effectively uncovers why people, teams and companies do not achieve what they want and what it takes for them to do so. It is a method that can help people break negative thought and action patterns, overcome obstacles and challenges and replace them with new, motivating alternatives. In short, coaching can move people and can be used for anything and anywhere – to the benefit of anyone. Coaching can help people create the life they dream of.

Coaching is:

If you feel low self esteem and low confidence then you can consult  our confidence coach in London. Lets discuss what coaching is:

  • To listen actively
  • To motivate for increased performance in a number of contexts: sport, business management, employee development, guidance, personal development, teaching, relationship work, etc.
  • Focusing on the present and the future rather than the past
  • To motivate and support – a coach never defines a goal, the client does
  • Getting the client to act or accept rather than do nothing
  • An equal and motivating conversation with the aim of being able to focus thoughts, feelings and behavior towards achieving a specific goal
  • Based on empathy, mutual trust and communication
  • Based on the idea that the coach asks the questions and the client takes action

Is Coaching for You?

We all have an unfulfilled goal, a dream, a hope or a desire that we are looking for the courage, faith and strength to realize. 

We can all need help or a new perspective on how to overcome an obstacle, overcome our fears, stand up to the law of jante or avoid sabotaging ourselves before we get started. Because we can all potentially take much more control of our destiny than we tend to believe. Because sometimes we need to find the courage to go after what we are really passionate about. And because we are sometimes hit by crisis, stress, illness or are in a difficult place in life and need new angles, new insights and new tools

Becoming a coach can be a career in itself. It can be a valuable skill in your workplace. And it can make a world of difference in your personal life, for your career, for your relationship and in your relationships.

Coaching is a way to create new opportunities and a method that can help people achieve their dreams. As a coach, you are trained to make a positive difference for yourself and others.

Proven models

Our goal is to make you a fully fledged and effective coach who can handle all the tools in the toolbox, create results and make a positive difference in other people’s lives. You can therefore look forward to live, practical and concrete teaching, where theory and examples are always followed up by training and feedback. In other words, you get to practice and you don’t get to sit still – you get to stand up, into yourself, out of your body, up into your head and down into your stomach.

The foundation of Sofia Manning’s Coach training is a set of proven theories that have been improved upon since the program’s inception in 2001. The models draw from the greatest in psychology, life experience, human knowledge, business understanding, spirituality, and philosophy. Together, these sources provide the basis for an efficient road to the life you desire.

With us you learn:

  • An approach to dealing with people, their goals, difficulties, relationships, disputes, and concerns
  • A craft. We see it as our task to provide you with the entire toolbox and a lot of practical training in using it.
  • A competence that requires insight into people, human types and human patterns – all of which you learn with us – and which requires training, training and more training to master.


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